Office complexes, housing estates, shopping centers, production plants, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, museums, amusement parks, public utility facilities. Our services are: analysis of the environment, visual information system, communication, rainwater retention and irrigation system, drainage, lighting, green roofs, planting designs, small architecture (sheds and gazebos), playgrounds and arranging places for actively spending free time for various age groups.

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We help in creating unique winter gardens and orangeries. Using technology, we create an ecosystem that allows you to control the conditions inside the garden, which provides optimal conditions for both plants and people. The system reacts to weather fluctuations, including temperature fluctuations throughout the year and changes in light intensity. Thanks to this, we can create places where users can work or relax all year round surrounded by exotic plants from Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar, Malaysia, Borneo, Costa Rica, Venezuela or from the tropical forests of the Amazon. We provide a comprehensive service of designing orangeries and winter gardens: construction, sheathing, climate control system with a shading mechanism, cultivation technology, lighting system, fogging system, design of planting exotic plants from different climatic zones, water elements, arrangement and interior design.

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We design spaces for animals in accordance with international WAZA standards, taking into account all standards, including safety and animal welfare. We value aspects such as the usefulness and safety of exhibitions for animals and visitors, spatial divisions, safety, animal husbandry management and protection, educational values and aesthetics.

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Parks, squares, lawns, streets, woonerf, pocket parks. We carry out comprehensive industry, architectural and road projects. We are convinced that successful urban development projects combine planning, landscape architecture and engineering with a macro and micro understanding of cities and local spaces. We believe in well-designed public spaces that improve the overall living environment and can become central, vibrant city or district points.

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We design rain gardens, retention reservoirs, and swamp roofs. Water can often be a problem in urban areas and is associated with the need to equip facilities with expensive and problematic water devices. However, when used properly, it can give any place a unique atmosphere. We provide a full range of services related to water management: preparation of investments in terms of water management, catchment analysis, water retention plans by planning water circulation systems, rain gardens as well as biological and biological and mineral water treatment, preparation of a water-legal survey. We care about optimization of water management and environmental protection.

CityPot provides the opportunity to create a range of diverse, creative urban spaces: from miniature urban parks, through roof gardens, to urban farms full of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

CityPot is the only complete system of its kind. It ensures ideal conditions for plants in an urban environment, thereby leading to a stable ecosystem. A key element is the right composition of plants and special flooring – this represents the starting point. We have selected more than 20 species of plants adapted to a city environment, including: honey-bearing perennials such as Echinacea, jasmine, loosestrife, yarrow, bindweed, rudbeckia, catnip, marrow, geranium, anemone, verbena and bulbous plants such as narcissus, chessboard, garlic and lily.


Sun and flowering plants all year round! Imagine that your home or garden will be expanded with an additional, green space where you can rest, relax, spend time with family and friends and work in full climate comfort, both for you and for plants. It only depends on your imagination what shape we give this place. Will it take you to Mediterranean gardens so that you can enjoy your own citrus every day? Or maybe you dream of a tropical garden with exotic vines and banana trees?

We offer innovative, proven and working solutions in the field of orangery, home greenhouses and winter gardens. Thanks to technology, we are able to create a green ecosystem all year round – comfortable in terms of air quality, lighting, temperature and humidity for both users and plants.

We provide a full range of consulting, design and workmanship tailored to the needs of customers. We will choose the structure and arrange the interior, we will integrate the greenhouses with the house, we will select the appropriate devices to ensure the perfect microclimate inside the building, adapted to the climatic requirements.

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We create beautiful home gardens thanks to a thorough understanding of the landscape of the place and its potential. Garden projects always start with fully appreciating the space and establishing positive and constructive relationships with customers. The success of our work is based on these foundations.

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