FUNCTION: zaprojektuj i wybuduj- otocznie osiedla mieszkaniowego z układem retencji wody deszczowej ,
INVESTOR: Marvipol S.A.
DATE: 2010-2014
AREA: 3 ha
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE : Dariusz Malinowski, Michał Kaczmarczyk, Marcin Gąsiorowski
ARCHITECTURE: Michał Jaworski
ABOUT: The idea was conceived in one evening as a smooth merger of the estate’s urban character with the surrounding nature. The outcome is the courtyards with cascades, inspired by irregular shapes of a river and backwaters, and the vast reservoir, adjacent to the city promenade on the one side and neighbouring on natural aquatic vegetation on the other side. Rainwater management, was one of the major challenges of the project.