One of the many things that makes us love indoor greenhouses is that we can enjoy summer all year round, regardless of the weather. Imagine that the sun and flowering plants surround you every day, despite the gray winter outside your windows. Imagine that your home or garden will be expanded with an additional green space where you can rest, relax and spend time with family and friends, and work in full climate comfort for both you and the plants. It only depends on your imagination what shape we give this place. Will we take you to Mediterranean gardens so that you can enjoy your own citruses every day, or maybe you dream of a tropical garden with exotic vines and banana trees? Why not? You don’t have to limit yourself with us! Remember the scent and colors of your beloved holiday landscapes.


With us, you can develop your passions on a completely different level. Our solution is a completely new, innovative but already proven and working idea for the current understanding of an orangery, home greenhouses or a winter garden. We are distinguished by the fact that we create an ideal climate not only for the comfort and growth of plants, but also an ideal environment for people, in terms of air quality, temperature, light and humidity.


We provide consultancy, design and execution to the full extent so that the construction itself is fully adapted to your needs. We will choose the structure and arrange the interior, we will integrate the greenhouses with the house, we will select the appropriate devices to ensure the perfect microclimate inside the building, adapted to the climatic requirements. Have a holiday vibe all year round!